Adopted May 1, 2016 at the Thurston County Convention

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Thurston County Democrats, as citizens of the planet, adopt this platform as a call to address the systemic challenges facing humanity, including global climate change, war, poverty, and racial and economic injustice.  This will require systemic solutions and, for many of us, a radical restructuring of how we view our community, our world, and our place in each.

We will need to learn to treat ourselves, each other, and our planet with better care, wonder, respect, and dignity.  We must hold the well-being of all people as our highest priority and adopt actions that reflect a sense of stewardship which will define and preserve our values.

We will need to open ourselves to courageous conversations with all people, especially those with whom we might disagree, if we are going to successfully create the comprehensive and systemic solutions required to address systemic problems with creativity, inspiration, and resilience.

We adopt this platform as a challenge, a responsibility, and an opportunity to ask ourselves: What can I do, with others in my community, to help make our world a better place for ourselves and future generations, even though the outcome is not assured, and the way forward is not always clear or easy?



We live in a region of great beauty and immense biological productivity that we must protect. The well-being of present and future generations depends on the protection and restoration of interconnected natural systems to preserve ecosystem health. This principle shall be paramount in any policies that affect environmental quality. 

We must be responsible stewards of the environment, from local communities to our whole planet. We must proactively address climate change as a crisis that falls most heavily on our disempowered communities at home and abroad. All people, including future generations, have the right to clean air, water, healthy food, and a healthy natural environment. 

We support the restoration and protection of native wildlife, especially threatened and endangered species, and humane treatment of all animals.

We support federal public lands and recognize their strong contributions to our recreation industries and our quality of life, jobs, and our local economies, especially in our rural communities.

We must pursue comprehensive and integrated government programs, policies, and actions that recognize the interrelated nature of environmental degradation with the racial and economic injustice experienced by our most vulnerable communities.

We support fully funding the implementation of environmental laws and regulations such as the Model Toxics Control Act to clean up environmental pollution. Delays and funding diversions, including the use of tax exemptions and loopholes by polluters, perpetuate harm to adversely affected communities.

We support local sustainable food production to reduce harmful chemical contamination in our food supply, protect soil health, reduce climate impacts, and promote diversified rural economies.

We support broad outreach and empowerment of affected and vulnerable communities when making decisions concerning the quality of the environment to avoid additional harm to such communities.

We support energy conservation and an immediate transition away from carbon-based energy dependency, toward environmentally sound renewable energy.

We support a ban of all fracking within the State of Washington.

We support efforts to halt the unsafe transportation of coal and oil through our communities.

We support a tax on carbon, and investment in research, development, and job creation in green technologies and infrastructure, including transportation.

We support the use of natural climate adaptation strategies such as habitat protection, healthy forest cover, and wetland, estuary, and riparian restoration.

We support elevated awareness and funding of environmental and sustainability education about the individual and collective changes required to preserve the health of our planet for future generations.



The United States should lead by example and work within the world community in a spirit of peace, cooperation, generosity, and mutual respect to support human welfare, freedom, democracy, and justice.  

We agree with the views of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  We support nonviolent challenges to injustice, and choose to put peace-building, and violence prevention at the center of our foreign policy. 

We must avoid conducting unilateral and preemptive war. We must make diplomacy and nonviolent conflict resolution the primary organizing principle of our foreign policy. Military action will not effectively address the poverty, oppression, corruption, and scarcity of resources that breed violence.  

We call for the repeal of the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force which the executive branch has used to justify nearly unchecked power to engage in military interventions, indefinite detention, and use of lethal force.

We insist that any military action we engage in has clear goals, is limited in scope, includes a clear exit strategy, and is based on an immediate and credible threat to the citizens of our country.

We support elimination of unnecessary, outdated, and redundant military programs and weapons.

We call for provision of military aid only to those nations that prioritize and protect human and civil rights, and comply with U.S. foreign military assistance laws, and international laws and conventions.

We support expansion of our global influence through fair trade based on sound principles that include rights of indigenous people, labor rights, sustainable environmental practices, humanitarian and economic assistance, insistence on the rule of law, and adherence to the principles of universal human rights.

We oppose international trade agreements that undermine national sovereignty and a country’s ability to enact laws that protect the environment and ensure worker rights, safety, and livable wages.

We call for the immediate closure of Guantanamo Bay, and the abolition of the use of torture and indefinite detention. We insist on adherence to the Geneva Conventions.

We call for cooperative and fully funded participation in the United Nations International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.

We support equal human rights for Palestinians and Israelis, including the right of return of Palestinian refugees or just compensation. 

We support the protection of the time-honored right to exercise freedom of speech through Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS), a strategy currently employed at the grassroots level to challenge the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and the decades-long failure of governments to realize peace with justice for all people of Israel and Palestine.

We support the diplomatic success of the Iran agreement as a model for using nonviolent engagement to de-escalate tensions and pursue negotiated resolutions to international conflicts.

We support opening our country to migrants fleeing violence and persecution in their homelands, regardless of region or country of origin.

We support all non-proliferation treaties and the goal of eliminating all nuclear weapons. 

We support reform of the contracting practices of the military to ensure effective U.S. government control, with contracts awarded based on fair and competitive bidding, with preference given to U.S. companies.

We support fully funded Veterans Affairs services to provide all veterans with full, timely, no-cost treatment at local military or VA medical facilities; retraining for those who are disabled; and active outreach to provide access to housing and services for homeless veterans.

We call for environmental cleanup, and justice for communities impacted by the development, deployment, and use of land mines and nuclear, biological, and chemical weapon systems.

We call for effective and more transparent legal oversight of our intelligence and law enforcement agencies, to ensure that our basic freedoms are not sacrificed.



We recognize that a strong, healthy society must incorporate basic human and civil rights, including guaranteed healthcare for all, economic security, affordable housing, education, and comprehensive immigration reform. We call for action which will secure these rights for all members of our community. 

Health Care 

We believe that quality healthcare is a basic human right. We oppose all efforts to roll back improvements that have been achieved through the 2010 Affordable Care Act unless they are part of a transition to a universal single-payer healthcare system.

We oppose taxpayer-funded government subsidies to private for-profit health insurance companies.

We believe that mental health and substance use disorders are legitimate medical concerns deserving of treatment and full funding, rather than criminalization.

We believe that women have a right to make their own healthcare related decisions and all women deserve access to high-quality and affordable reproductive and sexual healthcare.

Social Safety Net 

We believe that government has the responsibility to create and expand programs to alleviate poverty and enable everyone to enjoy a dignified quality of life.

We support increased funding and resources to address homelessness and support programs which provide assistance for homeless individuals reintegrating into the community.

We believe that elected officials must support the non-privatized expansion and preservation of both social security benefits and retirement/pension plans.

We believe in systemic changes recognizing that persons with disabilities and their family members should receive protections and assistance in making their own healthcare related decisions, including methods of receiving care.


We support policies that close achievement and opportunity gaps, provide effective oversight of pre-K-12 schools, provide public access to high-speed internet, and ensure all students have the opportunity to meet career and college readiness standards. School funding and educator pay must be independent of student testing outcomes.

We believe that access to publicly-funded secondary and post-secondary education is a right and a fundamental investment in our nation’s future, and should not be dependent upon one’s economic station in life.

We support public efforts aimed at relieving students from educational debt. We support minimal interest rates and an ability to renegotiate interest rates on existing student loans.

Immigration Reform 

We believe that we are a nation of immigrants and that the United States needs to create an immigration system that provides a path to citizenship for all immigrants. We oppose the deportation of individuals brought to this country as young children, and we oppose the breaking up of families by deporting the undocumented parents of U.S.-born children.



Our society today is experiencing a crisis of confidence in our governmental institutions, and even in our ability to govern ourselves. The influence wielded today by individuals and corporations with great wealth have undermined the health of our economy and our democracy.  

We must remember that our government derives its legitimacy solely from the people and must answer to them. Government is the people’s instrument to achieve what we cannot achieve individually. We are committed to a representative democracy that encourages maximum active participation and a voting process that is fair, transparent, verifiable, open to all citizens, and that restores our confidence.

We support overturning Citizens United which allows unlimited sums of money to be funneled into electoral politics, thereby decreasing public confidence in our political system by causing politicians to represent corporate interests over those of the people. We oppose the Supreme Court’s decision that corporations are persons and money equates to speech.

We support legislation to protect the integrity and transparency of federal elections by establishing disclosure requirements for all contributions.

We support public funding of elections to promote a more even playing field where all Americans can participate, thus empowering the people in the political process.

We support elimination of all forms of voter suppression and believe that government has a responsibility to make voting as easy as possible by removing all obstacles to voting.

We support all efforts to increase voter participation and confidence in our electoral system, including significant changes in the structures and processes of electing our representatives.



A sustainable economy and strong nation depend on jobs that provide safe working conditions, fair and living wages, and benefits for all workers. Every worker, at home and abroad, must have the right to organize and bargain collectively to determine their pay, benefits, and working conditions. Democrats believe organized labor is essential to the social, economic, and political health of our democracy. We believe that the growing income and wealth gap undermines the well-being of our country and contributes to widespread cynicism and anger.

We support efforts to roll-back the growing income and wealth gap in our country.

We support public policies that encourage job growth within the United States and oppose any government policies that encourage corporations to move jobs overseas.

We oppose laws, regulations, and exemptions that permit corporations and banks to avoid paying their fair share of taxes by such means as offshore tax havens and inversions.

We support the right of all workers to unionize and bargain collectively, including the right to strike, without fear of intimidation or retaliation.

We support the expansion and full funding of legislation that provides oversight and stringent regulation of financial institutions in order to prevent future economic collapses such as the Great Recession of 2008.

We believe that public investment in our nation’s infrastructure will create high-paying jobs, support a skilled workforce for the future, help restore the middle class, and is needed for the well-being of our nation.

We demand that all workers be paid a fair and sustainable living wage that is above the poverty line and keeps pace with local increases in costs of living.

We support paid family leave for all, promoting a higher quality of life for families.  

We support equal pay for equal work.



Our nation has long struggled to acknowledge and address the systemic and structural racism woven throughout its political, economic, and cultural history and fabric of our nation, and that persists in many forms to this day.

We believe that we as a society have a responsibility for, and a collective self-interest in, identifying, challenging, and eradicating the underlying conditions that give rise to the glaring inequalities around us. 

We call for courageous conversations as part of a community-wide discourse to understand and seek to address the continuing manifestations of these conditions in our nation, our state and our local communities.

Social & Racial Justice

We respect and value all people, actively oppose all forms of discrimination, and believe that our society will be stronger when we are able to honor each other by recognizing our shared humanity.

We acknowledge that we reside on occupied lands of the indigenous peoples of this region. We commit ourselves and call upon all levels of government to respect American Indian nations in their right to self-determination, and we oppose attempts to diminish tribal sovereignty, treaty rights, and culture. We acknowledge a devastating colonial legacy from which Indian Country still recovers and affirm commitment to the inherent sovereign rights of American Indian tribes and federal trust responsibility to Native peoples, a large majority of whom reside in urban areas.

We believe that a society benefits when its richly diverse cultural heritage and experience are affirmed and celebrated and when all of its members are able to observe, participate in, and be fully represented in its private and public institutions, including its elective bodies.

We support policies that will strengthen our country by affirming the value of all individuals, and by eliminating the systemic conditions that perpetuate inequality, oppression, and lack of equal access to opportunities.

We applaud recent local community café conversations on issues of race in our community, and call for other civic organizations, including schools, government bodies, and community organizations to expand on these efforts.

Criminal Justice Reform

We support training for law enforcement and corrections officers that emphasizes the sanctity of life and prioritizes de-escalation techniques, implicit bias training, and how to serve more appropriately people with mental health issues so that officers are better prepared to address all situations in a safe and humane manner.

We believe that police forces should be demilitarized and held accountable for abusive practices and the improper use of deadly force.

We support efforts to improve community-police relations by exploring strategies to provide citizen oversight or review of situations where human and civil rights concerns arise regarding police practices.

We call for immediate and comprehensive action to end the disproportionately high imprisonment of young black and Latino men, and to reduce the U.S.'s overall incarceration rate, the highest in the world.

We support incarceration that prioritizes rehabilitation, with a focus on education and occupational training, over punitive measures.

We wish to get the criminal justice system, i.e. prisons, out of the private sector.

We believe that all ex-offenders should be provided with the opportunity to re-enter and be productive members of society, including reinstating their voting rights.

We believe that a civilized nation does not execute people. We oppose capital punishment for any reason.

We call for gun policies that include instant background checks and a ban on assault weapons.


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