Our Party

The Democratic Party structure in Washington is based on the precinct, legislative district, and county where you live.  There is a Democratic Party representative or organization at each of these levels.

The Precinct

The first unit of organization is the precinct.  A precinct may contain a city neighborhood, one or more subdivisions, or a stretch of rural land.  There is an average of just over 500 voters in a precinct.  To see which precinct you live in, look on your voter registration card, visit the search tool, or call the Thurston County Auditor’s office at (360) 786-5408.
Each precinct is represented by a Democratic official called the Precinct Committee Officer (PCO).  To find out if there is a PCO representing your precinct, check out our Current PCOs page.  PCOs are the backbone of our party and play a critical role in organizing at the grassroots level.
Learn about how to become a PCO

Legislative Districts and Counties

Washington is divided up into 49 legislative districts and 39 counties.  Your legislative district (LD) defines how you are represented in the State Legislature in Olympia.  Each LD is represented by a State Senator and two State Representatives in the State Legislature.  To see which LD you live in use the distirct finder.  Thurston County includes all of the 22nd LD and parts of the 2nd, 20th and 35th LDs.  In Thurston County, most party activity takes place at the county level, but each LD has an organization that holds meetings, recruits PCOs and volunteers in their area, and campaigns for local Democratic candidates. Learn more about your LD organization.

Washington State Democratic Central Committee

The Washington State Democratic Central Committee (WSDCC) is the state-wide umbrella organization for the Democratic Party.  The WSDCC is presided an elected chair and vice chair as well as other officers.  Each LD and county organization elects two representatives to the WSDCC.

The WSDCC sets the tone for the Democratic Party in Washington, supports the LD and county organizations, and takes the lead for recruiting and supporting Democratic candidates for federal and state-wide office.  Visit the WSDCC website.

Democratic Central Committee

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is the national umbrella organization for the Democratic Party.  Each State Party organization sends representatives to the DNC.  The DNC takes the lead in setting the Democratic agenda for the nation.  They support the president when a Democrat is in office and lead the opposition during those dark days when the president is a Republican.  Visit the DNC website.