Neil Turner named Democrat of the Year 2019

Let's all congratulate 2019 Democrat of the Year Neil Turner for his countless hours as Burger Booth Maestro extraordinaire, LD 35 state committee member, and now Rochester School board member. Did you know he even went to Las Vegas to help run their Caucus this year?!?

Neil constantly reminds us by example of what it means to be a Democrat by always stepping up, putting in the hard work, and achieve above expectations.

Without Neil, Thurston County Democrats just wouldn't be the same, and it's no surprise our membership has bestowed this award to him. Thank you, Neil. Here's to many more years together.

Caption: TCD Chair Victor Minjares (left) presents the award to Neil Turner (right) at the annual Champagne Brunch Feb, 29th 2020.
Photo credit: Tracey Carlos