Boudicca Walsh, Chair

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Jim Reitz, Vice Chair - Membership & PCO

Jim is a native Washingtonian who grew up in Lakewood before moving to the East Coast with his family. Jim spent his career working in software development upon moving to Olympia in 1987. Jim retired in 2014 with a desire to help progressive democrats promote the issues that help improve the lives of all citizens and to help elect democrats that promote those issues. Jim also served in the Army and has seven years of experience on the board of a federal credit union.

Eric Miller, Vice Chair - Campaigns

Eric Miller has lived in Thurston County for the better part of 15 years. He has dedicated most of his life to serving often marginalized and ignored communities, determined to stand up and give a voice to the working class. Hearing Bernie Sanders speak in at UW's Hec Edmundson Pavilion led to Eric becoming more actively involved in politics: he was elected as a Legislative District Delegate to the Congressional District Caucus and State Convention for Senator Sanders, ran as a Write-In Candidate for State Treasurer, worked as a campaign volunteer in multiple capacities and he is frequently a guest speaker at events around the state. He currently works as a consultant for a family owned local business management group. In his free time, Eric enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Melea, and 11 year old son, Aaron, writing/producing progressive independent journalism, sports, and speaking at events.

Nick Fediay, Treasurer

Nick was born and raised in New York City. He moved to Olympia in 1972 to go to the TESC, but he started a small business instead. In 2005, he incorporated the business becoming its president with over twenty employees.

His most recent community service started in 2008 when he became involved in the Sixth Avenue Business District in Tacoma where he owns two mixed use buildings. He started out on the Board and later became the Treasurer and President. Also, he was the Chair of the Economic Restructuring Committee and Chair of the Art on the Ave Committee. These two chair positions involved collaboration with local elected officials, the police department, the planning department, business owners, employees and customers.

The 2016 election inspired Nick to get more involved with the Democratic Party. He supports the local Democratic Platform and supported many Democratic candidates. Nick is committed to refocus the direction of the Democratic Party. He feels work needs to be done to make it current and relevant for the working class, the small business owner and for people in need. Nick's belief is that a living wage is a Right not something to aspire to.

Sarah Rawlings, Communications

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Suzanne Kline, Committee Member at Large - Large Events/Fundraising

Suzanne is a native of California.  She moved to Olympia, WA 32 years ago, and has 3 children. She worked for Providence Health Care Services for 20 years as a Project/Event Coordinator.  She coordinated the development of the hospitals, Hazardous Chemical, Commute Trip Reduction, Literacy, and Construction Projects. She received an award for the best Literacy Program from WA State, and an award from Governor Booth Gardner for the best Commute Trip Reduction Program. She worked alongside the Altrusa Club in the development of Sunshine Hs., and coordinated the Employees Educational Safety Fairs (a 3-day event). She worked hard as a member of the Thurston County Steering Committee for Bernie. She worked with the Nisqually Tribe at the Indian College and during the 3-day Pow Wow at their Educational Center. She coordinated the planning of the Sanders Tsunami Volunteer Party. She feels like the Member at Large position was created for her, and gives her a second chance to do what she loves doing. Also, she enjoys working and interacting with other people.  The most important issue close to her heart is saving Mother Earth.

Neil Turner, Committee Member at Large - Burger Booth/Fundraising

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Patrick McLaughlin, State Committee Man, CD10 Representative, Interim-Webmaster

Patrick is a native of California. He received his B.S. in Physics from a university in upstate NY. Patrick has been a lifelong democrat and has become heavily involved in the Thurston County Democrats since moving to Washington State. He currently works as a mechanical engineer to save energy and reduce the environmental impact of buildings in the commercial and government sectors. He is a member of the South Sound Sailing Society, the Club Oly Road Runners, Olympia Chapter of the Mountaineers, and he looks forward to racing his mountain bike in the Cascadia Dirt Cup Enduro Series.

Open, State Committee Woman

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