The executive board of the Thurston County Democrats is made up of nine primary members plus four representatives from the four Legislative Districts within the county. 



Jeff Sowers, Chair  Image of Jeff Sowers


Vanesssa Malapote, First Vice Chair Image of Vanessa Malapote


Doris Atkinson, Second Vice Chair Image of Doris Atkins

My name is Doris Atkinson, PCO in Tumwater, 413. I am happy to be you new 2nd Vice Chair. I've been a PCO since 2016 and am a lifelong Democrat. I was elected to be a Delegate to the State Convention in 2016 and also in 2020. This year I was able to help our campaigns by phone banking and texting, doing literature drops and even some sign waving. And with the help of a great team, I wrote an amendment concerning free electronic contacts for folks who are incarcerated to promote family unity that was adopted into the platform. Campaign Services performs interviews and research of upcoming candidates, reporting those findings to the central committee with recommendations to put this individual forward or not. I believe that this is the foundation that we build on. It is in this moment that we choose the morals and standards that we would like to live by and further in our society. This is where we, as a whole, decide to support candidates that will promote living wages, health care, equality and community standards or not.

I pledge to continue the fair and equitable assessments that we have become accustomed to from Campaign Services. I would also like to thank Deborah Cano-Lee for her service and commitment to this process.


Caleb Baldwin, Treasurer  Image of Caleb Baldwin

Hello, my name is Caleb Baldwin and I am happy to be your 2021 Thurston County Democratic Party Treasurer. I have lived in Thurston county for a total of 27 years and have been a lifelong Democrat. My partner Logan and I have been living in Lacey since 2017. I recently got active in local democratic politics because of the current political climate. I was appointed PCO for Lacey 344 in October to finish out the term in my precinct. I am a member of the Thurston County Queer Democrats and Washington Federation of State Employees local 443. As treasurer I will strive for openness, accuracy, and attention to detail. In my current position at ESD I work to combat fraud and I also help claimants file appeals to there unemployment claims. This position requires the same type of commitment and integrity that our treasurer should have. With your support, I will continue to push the party platform and help elect democrats locally statewide, and nationwide. Thank you.


Leslie Wolff, Secretary Image of Leslie Wolff

Hello, Thurston County Democrats. I’m so excited to have been elected as your new Secretary/Communications person. I’m looking forward to working with each of you in our fight for equity in Thurston County, Washington and the United States. Let’s elect more democrats together!

I have served as a PCO for downtown Olympia since 2016 and have recently moved precincts and am happy to stay actively involved in TCD. I’m a life long liberal, progressive and have consistently worked to elect democrats by phone banking, canvassing, lit dropping, donating and serving as a delegate for Dennis Kucinich and Bernie Sanders. I have a strong interest in effective government and have spent time studying and researching political economy and political philosophy culminating in a Masters of Public Administration.

I have experience working professionally in communications and government relations. This has included writing public and internal communications, editing and updating websites and providing outreach to the public, to local governments and to legislators and their staff. I currently work as a public servant for the state of Washington. I have deep commitment to helping Washington and Thurston County to create governments that build strong and healthy communities.


Ann Chaudhry, State Committee MemberImage of Ann Chaudhry

I’ve been honored to have served on the Eboard the last 2 terms. The Burger Booth is the local face of our Organization in the public. Everyone loves the Demoburgers. I humbled by your support. It’s a team effort.

These last few years together have been incredible ! – all under our BIG DEMS Tent (and in front of our computer screens for those famous/infamous Zoom meetings).

We’ve worked hard and Democrats have won up and down the ticket, and now, Biden has won enough Electoral votes to be our next President. Many of you, like me, are breathing a bit easier now that the greater part of the elections are behind us and we are looking forward to a tiny break before mid-January and a smooth transition of the Presidency.

But our work is not done. In spite of Covid, we still have LD meetings, County meetings and State meetings. We look for leaders who have Real, Meaningful & “Lived” experiences of marginalization & disenfranchisement of misdirected policies of out-going regime & who forge ahead regardless of what tomorrow brings.

The State Committee Member has an important role in our State Democrat meetings; voting on State Party positions, By-Laws, Resolutions brought by various caucuses, and more. We may not be able to have those quick (or not so quick) hallway conversations with other SCMs whom we haven’t met in-person for a few months, but our focus remains sharp and directed.

I look forward to continue the work of the last 2 years and be your voice at the State table.


Keoki Kauanoe, State Committee Member


Neil Turner, Member at Large (Burger Booth) Image of Neil Turner

I’ve been honored to have served on the Eboard the last 2 terms. The Burger Booth is the local face of our Organization in the public. Everyone loves the Demoburgers. I humbled by your support. It’s a team effort.




Kodi Gaddis, Member at Large (Fundraising) Image of Kodi Gaddis

I’d like to thank everyone in TCD who encouraged me to run for this position and supporter me. I’m ready to take on this important role as help fundraise for our organization so we can elect democrats within our county, state, and on a national level. I can’t wait to work with the rest of the elected leadership, our membership, and community.

I’ve lived in Olympia, Washington since 2015, currently work for the State of Washington, and serve in several leadership positions within the Washington State Federation of State Employees (WFSE) labor union.

I firmly believe that my background and passion for labor organizing will move the TCD forward in planning, creating, and implementing fundraisers and events that will help our organization elect democrats. I am eager to seek ways to not only raise funds for the TCD, but to attract community members to join our organization. In addition, I identify as a gay man and will to continue to push for stronger human rights for marginalized populations in our community and will continue to hold that standard through this role.

I have served to organize campaigns and events on a national level in Nevada, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, & in Washington state where I was able to local union affiliates increase membership, plan events, reach out to the community as a whole, and build leaders to expand workers’ rights. I have also served as the WFSE Local 443 Political Action Chair and as the Organizing Chair, where I’ve built strong relationships with the community and labor which I will use to build common ground between our platforms. In 2019, I was awarded Organizer of the Year for WFSE where I was recognized for my skills to help build movements, membership, campaigns, and events.

My mission is simple: I want to help raise funds, grow our membership, and elect democrats locally and nationally. I kindly thank you for your vote and plan to use my skills to help our organization and community.