Agendas and Minutes


According to our bylaws, agendas are the responsibility of the Chair to compile. The draft agenda items are added by executive committee members only. However, if you would like to add an agenda item for a General meeting, you can contact any executive committee member or send an email to In your email, tell us which monthly meeting you would like to be added to and what your agenda item will be about. Typical guest agenda items run no longer than 5 minutes. General meeting minutes are finalized on the 2nd Monday of the month at the Executive Committee meetings. Any requests which come in after that will be considered for the following meeting.

Note: Agendas do not become final until they are adopted at the beginning of each meeting.


Draft minutes are recorded at every meeting by the Communications Officer. The minutes are made available to the Executive Committee for comment and edits. The edited draft minutes are then presented at the subsequent meeting for discussion, revision, and approval. To contact our Communications Officer, please email

Note: The body must vote to approve the minutes from previous meetings before they can become official.


Find Agendas and Minutes here.