2020 Primary, Caucus, and Convention

2020 Presidential Primary

For this cycle, the Washington Democratic Party held a primary on March 10th. WA registered voters turned out for their Democratic candidate of choice by mail through their County Auditor’s office.

Primary/Delegate Allocation

All ballots cast for candidates who “dropped out” are counted and part of the total. If a candidate who has “dropped out” receives above 15% of the vote that candidate still will receive delegates to national convention.

Candidates who receive below 15% who will not receive delegates, and the remaining candidates who received above 15% will receive delegates proportionately to their vote totals, but if a candidate does not receive 15% of the vote that candidate cannot be moved up to a higher total percentage because people have dropped out.

WA Primary Results:

  • Joe Biden - 591,403 votes - 37.94% - 46 national delegates
  • Bernie Sanders - 570,039 - 36.57% - 43 national delegates
  • Other candidates - 397,334 - 25.49% - 0 delegates
For results vist the WA Secretary of State's website.

Legislative District Caucuses

Due to the pandemic and the uncertainty of future public events, the WA State Democratic Party will be electing delegates for the State Convention and Democratic National Convention online. Visit the WA State Party's Caucus website to learn more.


Only current Democratic Precinct Committee Officers elected or appointed by March 16th, 2020 can vote for LD delegates.

Any WA democrat can run for their legislative district's delegate seats.

Voting (PCOs Only)

Voting will take place online from April 26th through May 3rd at each LDs respective website setup by the WA State Party. To find out more visit the WA State Party's website.

Become a Legislative District Delegate

We need democrats to run for delegate and represent their candidate and legislative district. LD22 has 56 delegate and alternate seats to be filled alone. Visit the individual LD websites below to run for a delegate seat.

LD2 - https://wademscaucus2020.azurewebsites.net/caucus/ld2

LD20 - https://wademscaucus2020.azurewebsites.net/caucus/ld20

LD22 - https://wademscaucus2020.azurewebsites.net/caucus/ld22

LD35 - https://wademscaucus2020.azurewebsites.net/caucus/ld35

Duties of a Legislative District Delegate

1. LD Delegates vote for Congressional Delegates who go to the National Convention. Voting will take place by remote ballot before May 3rd, 2020.(the Congressional District Caucuses have been canceled and replaced by the remote ballot procedure). 22nd LD delegates will elect 5 national delegates in CD 10. Based on the results of the primary election, CD 10 will elect 2 national delegates for Sanders, and 3 national delegates for Biden.

2. Attend the State Democratic Party Convention on Saturday, June 13, 2020, at 9:00 a.m. in Tacoma, Washington(may be conducted remotely). At the State Convention LD Delegates will elect 19 at-large delegates (9 for Sanders, 10 for Biden, plus alternates) as well as vote on the State Party Platform. 

Running for National Delegate

The Democratic National Convention is planned to be held in Milwaukee, WI from Monday, July 13th to Thurssday, July 16th. National delegates are elected at the Congressional District (CD) Caucuses and State Party Convention. You do not need to be elected as an LD delegate to run for national delegate, though getting elected as an LD delegate may improve your chances of getting elected as a national delegate. It typically costs about $6000 for travel expenses to the national convention. Many people fundraise to offset the expense. For information on running to be a national delegate, go to: https://www.waelectioncenter.com/.

State Party Affirmative Action Goals

In electing delegates, priority must be placed on ensuring delegates come from underrepresented groups in order to meet the affirmative actions goals set by the WA State Party. Delegates that are African American, Hispanic, Native American, Asian American, Pacific Islander, LGBTQ+, Disabled, Youth (aged 17-24), etc. are highly encouraged to run.

Thurston County Convention (canceled, for now)

Please stay tuned for a new date or online plans. 

Washington State Democratic Convention (TBD)

The convention is to be held June 11-13 in Tacoma. However, due to the uncertainty of duration for Gov. Jay Inslee's "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order, the WA State Party has canceled public events through May. Voting is being moved to an online format should the convention need to be canceled. More to come as the situation evolves.

Key Dates

March 10 – Presidential Primary

March 18 - WA State Democratic Party announced a suspension of all public activities through May due to the pandemic.

March 27 – Last day for Secretary of State to certify Presidential Primary results.

April 26 through May 3 – Legislative districts (LD) PCOs elect delegates for each presidential candidate using online format.

June 11-13 – WA State Democratic Convention, Tacoma Convention Center Tacoma, WA. The LD delegates will vote on the state party’s platform and resolutions. Also, the delegates will have the opportunity to run for a National Delegate spot for WA State on behalf of their preferred candidate.

July 13-16 – The Democrats will hold their National Convention with each states’ pledged delegates and automatic delegates to officially nominate the Democratic nominee for US President. The 2020 Democratic National Convention will be in Milwaukee, WI.

November 3 – General election for the US.


Thurston County Auditor's Website

WA State Delegate Selection Plan


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